ESO noob

Just bought ESO for $19.99 on Xbox. @ESOPlayers help a noob out! soulterror08 is GT

ESO is also free on Game Pass if you have that. The base game will give you plenty to do to help determine if you enjoy the game. Subbing will unlock the unlimited crafting bag, give you more bank space, I think give you more XP and will unlock all the mini-DLC areas (there are a lot). I’m not sure if any of the big expansions came with the $19.99 version (maybe Morrowind and Summerset??).

Look up some builds, especially leveling builds.

Pro-Tip I can offer.

Level up your horse wang every day.

You can upgrade your horse every 20 hours even if you don’t have a horse. This is very important as it takes 180 days to completely upgrade a horse without any cash shop purchases. I usually start Inventory, then Speed and end on Stamina but that’s just my preference.


Thanks. I’ll check those out.

So I created a Night Elf Dragonknight.

I thought I replied already. I’m on most nights unless boys have ball games. Hop in with me and I will help any way I can.

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Congrats! I don’t play too often anymore, but if you see me on and would like a hand you can send an invite.