ESO Price Guide and Trading Xbox NA

Azalin asked me to post this as a general reference for the buying and trading enthusiasts in this game. Also for general knowledge for anyone needing to purchase something from a Guild Trader without being ripped off.

This is the main resource most traders use to buy and sell their wares. If you’re wanting to get rid of something and don’t know how much you should be asking, or if you need to purchase something specific from a player or a Guild store, this quick and easy guide is where you want to go.

One thing that has yet to be added, are furniture items. This is something that was mentioned as being in the works for the future.

For trading it gets a little more in depth. Using this site as a basic price guide is what items would cost on the higher end. Like purchasing from a retail storefront. Using this guide and comparing to traders in a popular area (Elden Root) and figuring out the difference will help you move your items in a Trading Guild. People shop for the best prices, obviously, so being competitive and consistent will keep a steady flow of gold coming your way.

Another aspect which needs to be considered, are what events and sales does ESO currently have going in the Crown Store. If a DLC like the Dark Brotherhood is on sale, or a free to play weekend, you know the players farming for those items and motifs will be higher, so you need to drop your price significantly.

Eg. Minotaur Chest Motifs normally sell for 50-80K. With the current event they are down to 20-30K. The motifs are no longer rare drops due to the amount of traffic.

Taking everything into consideration will keep a steady flow of gold in your pocket and bank. Use that site as a general reference to buy and sell casually, or use it as a reference if you’re diving head first into large trading guilds.

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