Europe players?

Any1 from EU that plays with xbox?

Hey Zen.
I do have an X1X but it was only a recent purchase, so not many titles yet.

I did just get Diabo 3 and I currently have trials on the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, so I have those titles available.
Got an EA Access trial still to use too, so I should be able to play any of those.

What games do you have / play?

now in x1x i onlu have cod ww2 and fable3 but lets see what games there are available in 2018 :slight_smile:

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I am eagerly awaiting State of Decay 2, which is an Xbox exclusive.

im struggling to get my NAT open but isp people are on holidays…

What setup do you have?
Hub or router + modem?

got my nat open now

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Yeah, EU here and on X1.
GT - Quadrophenia 16