EVENT: Battlefield: Hardline Releases 3/17!

It's a Cops vs Criminals World. You can raid vaults or save hostages. Which side of the law do you want to ride with?


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I thought it was on the 17th.

It is. This is an event on our calender. I turned on forum comments for events. Should have put the date in the title instead of today.

Ah, OK. Thanks.

This will be a great game (i hope)-wonder if it will be a typical BF release? Bugs, Lag, and no connects.

If only it had private lobbies !

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Even if it is the typically buggy mess I’ll be there playing it, unless the servers crash. It’s what we do. Going to be fun for the BF fans for sure.

I’ll be there trying to not suck at it

I preordered it today. See you guys on the 17th.

Can’t wait. EA Access members will get to play 4 days early but there will be a time limit of 7-10 hours I believe.

Trick is, how do you get the game 4 days early? I tried looking to pre-order the game (digital only) on the Xbox’s game store and it wasn’t there so I went to GS. Do you have to be a russian badger / levelup or something?

I think you have to download it (that’s how it worked for Madden at least).

If you have EA access you should be able to go into the app on your Xbox one and it will give you an option to install. I haven’t looked. I assume it will go up Friday morning for early access.

I get to play Hardline this weekend!!! Yay. Early rank up!