Event: Smite Teamup 3/24



Anyone that is interested in teaming up for Smite tonight I will be on around 9pm EST.

Originally published at: http://grimreapergamers.com/events/2015/03/event-smite-teamup-324/

I’m in, I’ll bring Neith!


i need to check my spam cuz i dont recall getting an invite yet…

It’s still alpha, not sure when beta (if there is a beta) comes out.

I still have an alpha key left if anyone needs it. Turns out my 15 year old didn’t use it. Shoot me a PM if you need it.

Good games except for that one ass whooping. That one guy had like 22 kills. That was a pure beat down. We did well on all the others.

Almost went no deaths on a lot of those games as well.