Event: Undead Dungeon Raid - Conan:Exiles

Look to get a party together to go wreak the Undead Dungeon in Conan:Exiles. If you look on our trusty map from Reddit its at Cords (U,7).

From what i know there is a ass ton of skeletons down there. I would suggest everyone have Heavy Armor on and a long sword with shield also a bow. If you need armor I as well as Rau or Digital can make you some. (for a price of course).

I am sure we will die a lot but lets see what kind of havok we can wreak.

Who’s Down? Look to kick things off around 9pm EST today 2/10. We will meet up at Rau’s and my place, which is just south of the entrance at (U,8).

For a taste of whats to come check out this vid. They go in the wrong way but you get the idea.




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I will be joining and cursing you all out while I build my shitty shack while you have your 800 mansions.

Well the dungeon raid went…ummmm…quick.

Good times with @D1G1TALC1PHERS @Grex @CaptainPeeJ and @mac79pr

I may have recorded it.


Fun times indeed. As quick as it was. So many skeletons.

Was funny after that snake we were like this is going to be easy.

Heard it’s a bit easier with the long pole arms as the sword Skeletons can’t hit you if you keep your distance. Also need to run with a lot of heal potions.

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We wouldn’t have gotten through anyway but there were times when we are swinging away we do damage to each other.

That was fun. I say we go back in tonight!

Sorry my voice is so loud in the video. Gonna try to fix that for future captures.

cant do tonight. i am down tomorrow though

I’ll be on and off tomorrow day and night.

Will be on tonight and likely a good amount tmw.

Nice Video…Snake animations were pretty wild

I’m down to back. I can make steel items if anyone needs it. I’m going to bring a dancer with me to test if their buff works in a dungeon.

At least we have an idea now on what to do and can plan a bit better for next time.

I know Grex’s place is close but maybe build a bed there for spawning with some chests of supplies.

You just need to click on my bed and it will change your spawn point. Pending we are all in the same clan.

Multiple people can use the same bed. Game is dirty like that.

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Yeah just thought if we built one right outside the cave we can get back in quickly.

Could be monsters waiting right by that bed though… plus you’ll need to grab some gear first.

So THAT’s what happened to my houses!!!


Don’t worry Johnny, all your supplies didn’t go to waste. Feel free to grab some supplies from my place if you need to.

I wonder if you could place archer thralls on that second level.