Every Warzone Season 2 map change: Shipwreck POI & Weapon Silos

Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 2 are finally here, and while there’s no new map just yet, Verdansk has undergone some significant changes, with the ship crashing onto shore and new Weapon Silos popping across the map.

Seasonal updates are always some of the most exciting patches to drop for Warzone, and the Season 2 update is no different, bringing the new Outbreak Challenge Event, the new FARA 83 and LC10 guns, and some major changes to Verdansk.

Headlining these changes are the new Shipwreck POI that brings has brought hordes of undead zombies to the game, along with three massive Weapon Silos that are stocked with some seriously valuable loot. You can find a full breakdown of every Warzone Season 2 map change below.

The new Shipwreck POI in Warzone Season 2

Warzone Shipwreck POI

Warzone players have spotted the Vodianoy floating off the coast of Verdansk, and the cargo tanker has finally made land, crashing into the shore near Prison following the Season 2 update.

Marked as “Shipwreck” on the Season 2 map, the new POI is huge, giving players plenty of space to loot up and explore, but be warned: you’re not alone. The Vodianoy is infested with Zombies, ready and eager to tear you limb from limb if you get too close.

There is a reward for killing the undead though, as you’ll unlock new rewards thanks to the Outbreak event challenges, while some will drop a yellow key card that unlocks crates full of powerful loot.

Warzone Weapon Silos

Aslo included in the Season 2 update are three Missile Silos, which were discovered by “a team of Operators” according to Treyarch.

Found underneath Verdansk’s three war monuments, these locations are full of valuable loot, and while they may not look huge at first glance, they’re actually quite large, so it’ll be well worth taking a look through them. Don’t spend too long underground though, as you may end up getting trapped by the gas.

The three Weapon Silos are located at:

  • Jarvdinsk Spomenik above the Military Base
  • Zoszni Spomenik south east of Hills
  • Styor Sompenik in Park

We’ve marked all three Weapon Silos on the map below.

Map showing Warzone Season 2 Weapon Silos locations

Sealed locations

While there are some new places for players to explore, Raven have decided to close some parts of the map off.

The most surprising of these is definitely Subway. These stations were introduced back in September 2020 with Warzone Season 6, and offered players a way to fast travel around the map. While few actually used the trains to move around, the stations themselves offered some decent loot and a place to hide during firefights.

Bunkers 00, 04, 05, 06, 09, and 11 have all been locked too, so you won’t be able to get inside these any longer. At the moment, it’s unclear whether these closed locations will ever reopen or not, but it’s possible that Raven could update their interiors and bring them back in the future.