Everyone's first car

Hey we’ve been talking about cars in Discord. Just wanted to see what all you old fucks drove as your first ride. Here’s an advertisement for my first car. '67 Ford Maverick. It sat in a barn for 15 years before bought it. Spent a summer fixing it up. Couldn’t ever get the carburetor right and eventually sold it.

Plymouth Horizon, baby! :sunglasses::laughing:

1979 Pontiac LeMans.

Wish you still had the Skylark?

Dont think im old enough…lol 95 Plymouth Neon

The fucking Titanic - aka a 72 Olds Ninety Eight. My grandpa’s car, handed down to me. This pic is about exact, except I remember the top being lighter colored.

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I had a gold 73 maverick ! Old lady in the neighborhood had it with 30k on it.

Was a great first car!

When I raced bump to pass we had an olds 98. Thing was a tank

I backed into a 74 ford - can’t remember the model, but it was a beast as well - when the girl driving that was racing through the school parking lot. Totally caved in her door. Took off a taillight on mine, and I didn’t even feel the impact, despite how fast she was going. I heard metal on metal, that was the only way I knew we collided.

Crappy Blue Chevy Nova - Just like Axel Foley


Ford Bronco II, don’t know year. Tore the heck out of the gears learning how to drive manual.


'72 Ford Country Squire - about as close to the Griswold’s car as you get…


Ford Pinto. Looks just like the one in the picture. Mine got totalled so I don’t have original pics. Luckily, I didn’t go out in a flaming fury.

Because of where I live and the friends I had…and the fact that I drove without a license anyway, I didn’t get my first car until I was 24…

'91 Chevy
mine was white. really miss that truck

85-86 Pontiac Firebirdd. Cant remember the exact year. Person I bougjt it from had it custom painted a deep metallic purple sort of like the pic. (yeah I know, and italian driving a deep metallic purple firebird in NJ. ) How cliche.

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had to dig out my photo album… (hey, i didnt know this digital thing was gonna happen when i was in high school)

98 ram reg cab 2x4

Such a Floridian… having a 2-wheel drive truck

i didnt have a choice in the matter… you can tell that i tried my best lol. put 32s and lithgts on it… rear axle locked tho so that was good.

besides, what does FL have to do with 2wd lol. its all swamp and mud to the west. and fucking sugar sand

editing to reiterate how much i HATE sugar sand… and the only kid with a truck so i was contsantly pulling my friends out of lots

Because it’s your choice to go play in sand and swamp… up north you can’t choose to not drive when you get 14" of snow overnight.