Everything that is wrong with BLOPS4

WTF is this camo / skin? Real militaristic isn’t it? @beers_and_leafs probably loves it.

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The person that comes up with these skins should be slapped.

In all honesty, there are very few character skins that I like. I think most of the are pretty shit, and look the same. I prefer using ones that i think not eveyone has or ones ( and tgere arent many) that i like. Especially the stupid face paint.

It’s always funny when you’re in the lobby before the game starts. It looks like a sideshow circus.

Here’s the shit I really fucking hate with BLOPS4 and Treyarch games. Tell me how the fuck I didn’t get the kills in both of these videos. Deaths in question are at the end.

Straffing with the ICR. Didn’t hit him once, HOW??? Is this guy Neo from the Matrix?

Hit markers for days with the MX9