eyy there

hey people, found out about the grg group 4 days ago and decided to join, so this will be just a quick introduction since it`s needed to unlock some discord roles.

so, im a 20yo investor from brazil that happens to be into games.
even tho i do speak a decent (ish) english, im still not a native speaker, so take it easy on me.

now for what matters.
due to my work agenda, my gaming schedule is REALLY volatile, but if i had to make an average, most of my online time would be around 8pm to 12pm (gmt-3) or 6pm to 10pm (est) with some random periods here and there (weekends tend to be way easier for me)

when it comes to my gaming preferences, i don`t really have one, play pretty much a bit of everything here and there, changing games with time, but mainly focusing on fps, sci-fi, campaing driven, open world, rpgs, etc.

currently my main game is destiny 2 (still a newbie at it, so i could use a group)

my platform is PC and you can find me on the GRG discord, by my id- 350744209357144067 or by my discord nick- KroosNova#8314
feel more then free to hit me up by there, especially if you play destiny.