Falcon Lost, Tips, Tricks, how far did you get?

We were able to set the first bomb and get to level 8. Steel, Kraig and OV. We ran the load outs/strategy from the video Kraig posted in the forums and it worked pretty well. The biggest thing I took away from running it was you need to be prepared to go when the bomb drops. Already have a plan as to who is going to place the bomb, who is going to use the survivor link to boost the runner and do it immediately. Just a 10/15 second delay and the re-spawn will make it impossible to set.

Me and @BalekFekete Ran it this weekend with two randoms from the dark zone and completed it. got two pieces of gear set. some close moment but altogether great. wouldn’t mind getting in a GRG group and smashing it

Agreed - would do again in a heartbeat. Only way to get some of the Striker gear it would seem…


Did it today with a pick up group in 45 mins without issue. Interesting only because we didn’t use the center area below the floor but rather the upper tier area to back right (when looking at APC). Didn’t think it would work, but was pretty easy actually with just a team of guys in 180s and 190s gear score.

What did you do for ammo?

Two were running the ammo health stations, and then after planting the C4 we’d briefly go under to restock.

We need to get an all GRG group through it.

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I’m game this weekend for sure. Just drop me an XBL message and I’ll swap off of UC4.

I made it to the final round. Planted the bomb, all 4 of us got Delta error. Will never attempt the Incursion again. Was not fun and the error to top it off hurt like a kick in the balls.