Fallout 3 Backward Compatibility for Xbox One

I am glad we get this free. I may go ahead and get it for X1 also because FO3 doesn’t run on WIN7/8/10 very well, if at all.

If anyone doesn’t want FO3, I’d be happy to take off your hands.

yeah sounds tempting but no way i have the time for that.

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This. No way in hell I’ll even install it…will just take up space and detract from the goodness that will be (I pray) FO4.

already beat fallout 3 on 360 and can’t wait to see fallout 4 but still wouldn’t mind having fallout 3 for nostalgia sake

If a gamer who liked Skyrim or games like that, if you haven’t played Fallout 3 you are doing yourself a disservice! If you want to disappear in a game Fallout 3 will do it! For anyone who says “I played Fallout NV and it sucked” I agree it did suck, but… Fallout 3 was heads and shoulders above NV! Anyone who says New Vegas was better… YOU’RE WRONG AND YOU CAN GO FUCK A DIRTY DIRTY NEW VEGAS CREATURE! no seriously go fuck yourself for being wrong!

Fallout Rome GA! @quantumklutz

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Hell Yeah but we’ll have to band together to keeps the ghouls out of the bakery. Damn cake stealing ghouls @GRG_Jackal

Honey moon bakery?

You are correct that FO3 was the ultimate, but I have to disagree about NV. It was a good game in and of itself.

I enjoyed both FO3 and New Vegas. I still play New Vegas on HC mode with a ton of graphics and weather mods. It’s pretty amazing when a sand storm rolls through.

yes honeymoon bakery. where all you sweet tooth desires are met

NV to me just didn’t play as well and the story wasn’t as good. Maybe with mods and such on PC it made it better.

Side note… What are the odds of FO4 being glitched to hell and back like Skyrim?

This is my first digital game… What time will the “go code” drop and play begin?

The game will release at 12:01 am Eastern in the US.

I don’t know if Xbox and PS4 can preload. I already have it installed on PC minus the update they will release to set it live.

Xbox has it preloaded. At least 20+ gigs of it.

Aiming system has been revamped. While there is still VATS. Bethesda hired a guy from Bungie/Destiny and guy from Rage/Doom to work on the guns and mechanics. The article I read made it sound like the gun mechanics are more like Destiny than anything.

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