Fallout 4: Around The World With Michael Radiatin’

I found this on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. This first one I read was around #7 and it made me start from the beginning. Caution there may be spoilers but it is side mission on the edge of the map type spoilers. He isn’t playing they way you would expect. He even lets his readers decide what direction to go at the end of the post.

I have already played through Fallout 4 [official site]’s campaign, which led me through a great many places in the central area of its large Massachusetts map, but only a handful on its periphery. There is so much more still to see, but I’m increasingly finding that my level 30 character suffers from usual Bethesda game curse of premature godliness, and fear that further exploration would simply mean routine clean-up. So, time to start anew, and add fresh spanners into otherwise over-familiar works.

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Nice read. All places I have yet to find. I love this game.