Fallout 4 for Xbox One

Fallout is my all-time favorite franchise and I’ve neglected the game since Siege/Division/Overwatch/Hitman all came out. I’ve had a really long work week and decided to stay away from multiplayer gaming for the most part and check out what I’ve been missing since all the updates. I haven’t seen this game discussed much other than a mention here and there.

The Wasteland Workshop DLC is the only one I’ve purchased so far. I guess I forgot to pick up the Season’s Pass when it was really cheap. That’s what I get for neglecting this game. This DLC is a must if you’re jumping back into the game at any point. It’s added a ton of new content for building and town customization. I spent way too long on this the other night and forgot what time it was. Sims extreme. I just started using cages and have a Radstag sitting in one at the moment. I’m wandering the wasteland now looking for items to create more. I want an army defending my town. There are also neon sign additions, concrete which make for better looking buildings and you can’t get shot through holes like the wood and metal walls and a bunch of other items that I’m still discovering.

Mods. I can’t thank the PC community enough for creating these. I’ve been sorting through countless mods just to see what they look like and what they do. There’s one that stands out if you’re ever in the mood for some great visual experiences which is Spring in the Wasteland. It adds foliage, trees, undergrowth. It adds a different element to the game, but I couldn’t play with it turned on due to the lack of sight-lines to see the enemy, but it’s beautiful to walk around the wasteland and take some snapshots for desktop backgrounds.

Another one, which I’ll continually use is the Unofficial Patch. It fixed the bugs and glitches which broke the game in certain tight areas of the map and it seems less buggy when you get into some pretty heated combat. There’s no FPS drop anymore when being attacked by multiple contacts and it runs smooth.

One mod that I’m really looking forward to trying is the addition of speech options. Compared to other Fallout releases, Fallout 4 was pretty linear when it came to the outcome of the dialogue interaction with NPC’s. This one, from what I’ve been reading on the mods page at the main menu, is it gives you Fallout 3 and New Vegas style options. I’m really looking forward to being a complete asshole on my next play through.

Those are the mods I’ve touched. There are others which allow clothing and armor creation, one that allows you to build a Vault and after searching, there are a TON of other options. I believe the Mod size limit is 2GB. The largest mod I saw was 800MB.

If you haven’t picked this game up in a while, and are looking for some mindless wandering and a time waster, jump back into this game and play around with some of these mods.I’m having a blast with this when I’m not playing Overwatch.

Edit: Video showing the Spring in the Wasteland mod. It’s at night unfortunately.



Nice write up. Tthere are a bunch of Fallout fans here myself included. I need to find time to get back into this game. Went through the main sotry missions just havent had time to dive into the DLC yet. If you want you can add some stuff to our wiki post on it here. I think it needs to be updated with the DLC stuff.


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I regret not purchasing the season’s pass when I first bought the game. It costs about as much as the game does now.

I completely agree with you about the achievements. The mods are a lot of fun, but something to play around with after you’ve completed what you want to do in the game. With the Far Harbour DLC out, I’ll be turning them off and going to wander the massive map that’s available there. I was hoping I could use them to breeze through a couple of quick playthroughs to see the Railroad and Brotherhood side of things since I went with The Institute. I may still do this just to see the other factions fall and what happens next.

I had a look at the Far Harbour DLC but haven’t purchased it yet. The map size is on par or larger than the Boston wasteland with new creatures and new human enemies called Trappers. I know if I start this, my Overwatch progression will suffer terribly. I’ve already put in too many late night’s this week just messing with mods in Boston and the Wasteland Workshop DLC.

I’ll have a look at the Wiki, thanks!