Fallout 4 - Let's see your character

Fallout 4 releases tomorrow. The character builder is fairly robust and I am sure some of us will spend way to much time with it.

So lets see what you got. Did you spend 5 seconds or 1 hour creating your character? Is it model after you or random?

Xbox, PS4 , and PC all allow you to take a screenshot. Let’s see what ya got!


hmm…Do what I typically do and go female or model it after my sexy self. Decisions, decisions.

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Just wondering for a nameless friend…could you say make a character kind of look like an ear of corn?


A quick screen grab

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My brother sent me his titled The Babysitter and his wife.



WTF is that

So everyone should be clean cut after the explosion? lol

Meet Rick…

It was late. Being original wasn’t easy. LOL.

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New Character. This is Ronin. He hates his life and his wife, Asphyxia. She beats him at night. If they didn’t have a son together he would kill her in her sleep. Every day he prays for a nuke to fall out of the sky and end his misery.