Fallout 4 power Armor Figure

Two versions are available—the online store exclusive will cost around $400 USD, and comes with Fallout 4’s famed minigun; the retail edition will cost $380 USD, minigun not included.

Standing at 14.5", this 1/6th scale figure is fully posable, with over 35 points of articulation—including fingers. All of the outer-armor is detachable, leaving behind a highly detailed exoskeleton. The T-45 Power Armor figure’s outer-armor will be interchangeable with Threezero’s upcoming Power Armor figures.

The collectible comes with a couple of accessories, like an exchangeable male head you could switch out with the helmet, as well as Fallout 4’s AER-9 Laser Rifle. The power armor helmet uses LED lights to light up, though you’ll need to buy your own batteries for that to work.


Nice collectable. But damn 400 beans. Looks sweet though.

all the good stuff is so much money… there is a statue of Groulken and Akuma fighting eachother… but its like $350…

Damn. Both of those are sweet as hell but, ya to much moolah for me right now. Haha