Fallout 76 - General Conversation

Anyone have any addictions? Apparently I am now addicted to alcohol cuz I was using them for water %. Now my toon walks all gloomy.

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I have had them. Adictol will get rid of them. I once drank around 40 bottles of booze/beer and took all my drugs to clear out my inventory. Only side effect is addiction. They all actually have great buffs while you are high.

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I need to do that and just go on a drug fueled rage and tear ass through the wasteland.

Ohhh that’s why my character looked so gloomy.
I didn’t directly associate it to the alcoholism.

I only have one addictol so far, so I thought I should save it.

I just sell chems, don’t do drugs.

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Anyone on xbox learned any “stash” recipes yet? That’s the gold thing to get lol

for anyone who walked away from the game, pretty nice article here


Still have to get back in. Gotta run the rest of AC and I really want to get back into RDR2 as well. Haven’t finished the story on that

Two questions.
Does Bethesda work on any DLC or expansion to FO76?
The second question, if I have not updated Fallout for three months, will I have to download all previous updates, or just the last patch? (I have a weak Internet connection)

In terms of traditional DLC I’m not sure.

They are already pushing content and item updates throughout as live updates to the existing game.

Probably just the last update, that’s all I’ve ever had to do - it will probably be a big one though.