Fallout 76 Mutations

Ok @Fallout76Players, what mutations are you getting? I know @D1G1TALC1PHERS had a crappy one that he got rid of. I currently have movement speed +20 and reload speed so actually a good one to have.

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Yea. I got “Egg Head” -3 Str -3 Per +6 Int.

Can you aim for one or is it complete potluck?

I had one early one that was decent, though I forget the specifics. Cured myself of it though.

Also, doesn’t taking Radaway potentially “cure” it? So, how would you try to keep the mutation long term?
Or am I getting my wires crossed here…

I had Carnivore (2x benefits and no rad from meats, but cannot eat veggies) but cured myself of it.

Also got a nice case of dysentery too by mistakenly drinking tainted water when trying to loot a corpse in the water. That was also promptly cured.

I got one where had change to irradiate melee attackers, but I got radaway.

Got that one tonight as well.