Fallout 76 Nukem

Not sure if anyone is ready for this, but it would be cool to gather together and do some nuke code hunting. Maybe get a launch going and go loot. I gathered some power armor at lvl26 today and headed into a blast zone. Way under powered to attempt. I was swarmed by a lvl54 radiated glow ghoul. Not fun. I also got radiated really really badly and very quickly. I’m thinking when we get a group that hits around 50+ consistently thru the group it’d be doable.



I got a hold of a partial code a few days maybe a week ago. But I heard somewhere they change the codes often so I’m not sure I still have it. But at only lv 21 I’m not going near a nuke site.

Yep, they rotate every week and there are 5 codes for each silo. There are three silos, alpha, bravo, and Charlie. I have been to alpha which is close to the radar dishes on the east of the map, but haven’t found the others. I am sure there are maps, but I like to roam and look myself.

I’m only 28 and when I attempted to go into a blast zone I was 26. I think I’ll wait til I am around 50 to attempt.

I thought there were 8 codes per silo?

Regardless, you also need a keycard and with just that you can lookup the codes online (someone usually posts them to Reddit early ish in the week).

Haven’t attempted that or a nuke zone yet (Lv26).

To solve the codes…


I was just regurgitating what I read in the article I posted regarding how many codes. They mention 5. And yeah it will be a team effort as a key card will be needed as well. High level stuff.

I am working on my melee build to support to gun types for group play on xbox

I am mostly a mix of STR and INT right now, which isn’t quite a melee build.

Thanks to @GreyJedi for kindly donating a bunch of Junk yesterday to help me toward the component requirements for the Excavator PA - much appreciated!

I got a launch partial code this last weekend but sounds like it will expire.

Only lvl15 I think, Have been mostly roaming wasteland solo as never many on, was forced to group up w Azalin recently just to get some quests done.