Im ready for some. Maybe even a MMO!

OMG. Don’t post stuff like that with out some proof. You got me all excited, you tease. :-1::-1::-1::-1:

I cannot wait for the next Fallout game!!!

since fall out is already an open world game adding teams and raids would be awesome. can’t wait to see where the next one is placed. vega and Washington are done so where to next

PVE would be cool. Fallout on new system is gonna be off tha chain.

I thought it was leaked or announced that it would be in and around Boston. I’m all for that, being that I’m from the area.

news article on fall out 4 speculation

Yes. single player game only right now. Rumors was 4 was going to branch into the mmo space. Also including the places in that article i also heard Boston was a rumors location as well. Anyhow, it does not matter cause Bethesda has said dick about the game.

fallout would be sweet

I dont think fallout will ever be multiplayer. thats not the type of game it is. its very story driven, go your own pace do your own thing. how can you follow a story when you have other people screaming about your mother or telling their kids to STFU.

fallout is one franchise i dont see ever going MP.

as for a new game. New Vegas was the only one i ever played… i didnt care for it. quit after 14-18 hours. just got bored… some people say NV sucked and others say it was the best sooo who knows… i would give fallout 4 a try tho.

Fallout NV blew nuts! I started out on Fallout 3 and it was so good! GOTY edition is cheap if you have a 360. worth a try IMO. Let’s be honest though When Bethesda makes games they are too buggy to play for a month or three.

Dixon, best MMO ever? Sarcasm?

Fallout 3 was my favorite also. NV I never even beat. It was just okay.

There were both about same to me. I liked the dlc on NV where you had that building you could store all your extras, it had a toaster that talked to you??

I miss using the VATS targeting system to blow peoples heads off. I liked to take the severed heads and place them in storage as trophies.