Favorite Games of 2015

2015 is coming to a close and there were a ton of new games released. What was your favorite game / games released this year? We’re trying to create a GRG top 10 list and maybe even a special edition ReaperCast and we’d like your input.

So let us know what you liked this year and why.

Have your hosts played the favorite games of 2015?

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Define play? If you mean bought, installed and ignored, then yes they have.


Fallout…that is all


Fallout 4

It is the only game that I can’t wait to get off work to play. I haven’t been into a game this much in years.

Metal Gear Solid 5 - unfortunately i didnt have much time to play MGS V, not something you can just play for an hour and put down. Its a great game and my favorite of 2015. Hope that the shop is closed between xmas and new years so i can dig into it.

Rocket League - Took everyone by surprise. Fantastic gameplay and awesome post launch support with free DLC including maps, game modes, and car parts.

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Destiny since it kept my interest for over a year. It is one of the very few if any that have been able to do that.

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Destiny, World of Tanks and Fallout 4.

PC - Rust, Ark, Eve Online, Elite Dangerous
XB1 - Titan Fall, Battlefield 4, MGS V, Destiny
PS4 - Knack and Netflix

This is pretty much was ran on the systems the most through 2015.

Honestly didn’t play many games but here goes

Black ops 3
Battlefield 4

Hardline is a great game.

Probably played Destiny the most. Enjoyed MGS:V immensely. Blops3 and Halo 5 are tied in third


Guys, I’m looking for games released this year. Destiny taken king is ok, battlefield 4???

Let’s keep it to 2015 titles.

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lol i said what was ran most on that system…Wife watches Netflix and Daughter plays Knack lol.

In no particular order:
Fallout 4
Black ops 3
Witcher 3
Halo 5

Games that I want to play that didn’t make the cut for time:
Rise of the Tomb Raider

Fallout 4(its a given)
Mad Max( fun game overall)
Witcher 3 (free dlc standpoint)
Rocket League
Battlefront(visuals and sound alone)
Favorite remaster: Borderlands The Handsome Jack collection- released Jan 2015

Rocket League
Hotline Miami 2

I just picked up the witcher, bloodborne, and handsome jack collection. I could see one of these making the list once I get some more time on them.

Fallout 4 first and foremost cause, we’ll it’s Fallout. Nuff said. Then I’d say The Taken King. Blops 3 gets the honorable mention.

Halo 5 and Battlefield Hardline

I didn’t play lot of stuff, mostly Destiny. Does TTK count. I guess I would say Halo 5 because the changes to the franchise were and I really enjoy game overall. Including Warzone even though I know many will debate about that mode.