Favorite Holiday Movies

Ok…let’s start talking about the holidays here. Give us a list of your favorite holiday movies.

(And no, I’m not being PC for calling them holiday movies - one on my list below is Thanksgiving based)

Here are some of mine:
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
A Christmas Story

We watch the Grinch, the original version. Home Alone has become part of yearly tradition. We run A Christmas Story for the full 24 hours on TBS. Hope they never stop doing that. Wife and i watch Bad Santa too.

Good catch on Bad Santa. Forgot that one. Forgot Elf as well - the kid really like that movie.

Elf is a good one, but we don’t watch every year. Probably should.

Holiday in Handcuffs! It is hilarious. Bad Santa is a must see also.

I had to search on this one. Wasn’t sure if it was a porno or what.

3 movies I seem to watch every year are Miracle on 34th Street, the orginal of course, Scrooged, and The Christmas Story.

I try catch the orginal Grinch Cartoon, Rodulf and Frosty, those movies bring back to kid in me. Then also enjoy Muppets Christmas Carol, I always loved the muppets.

Another one the kids love that I enjoy watching with them is Charlie Brown Christmas.

Honestly, I love Christmas and I love the movies and music. The music starts in the car from mid November until new years eve and the movies start December first through December. We watch a Christmas movie as a family every other night and I like so many of them, but the ones I must watch are. …
Christmas Story
Bad Santa
It’s a Wonderful Life
Love Actually
Christmas Vacation
Home Alone
And of course all the animated classics.

There are so many on TV that we will usually watch most of them at some point.
The only tradition we have is Christmas Vacation. My Dad loves to have it on when we are all hanging out.

“Shitter’s full”

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24 hours of xmas story
Die Hard
4 Brothers
does the SNL xmas special count?

Christmas Vacation and Christmas Story will be what I watch. I tend to watch almost 24 hours of Christmas Story. While playing games and doing other shit of course.

Human Centipede


The greatest christmas movie of all, Die Hard!