Fear the Walking Dead (spoilers welcome)

Can’t believe no one started this thread yet. Shame on you.

Anyway so what did everyone think of the first episode? Like it or hate it.

I am interested lets just say that. Started off a bit slow but I understand, have to set backstory and want to show a bit of the family makeup. Otherwise I liked the first episode waiting for the next one.

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i didnt have any urge to watch it at all… and from my many of friends on facebook, i didnt miss much… I think im just over the Zombie thing. need a new trend.

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I thought it was slow. Really hard to keep attention. I know it was a pilot but yawn. Talking dead season six preview wasn’t much better

I enjoyed it. Has a different feel than the original. I want to know the back story of the virus so I am looking forward to more.

OMG not another zombie show!!!

Is not about the zombies it’s about human nature and how they handle the apocalypse. Change them to mutant alligators from Mars and I would still watch it.


I don’t disagree @D1G1TALC1PHERS. Just thought it was a slow pilot

So any bets on whether Nick got bit by a zombie in the preview for next episode? It sure does look like it but I hope it isn’t. Why waste the whole first episode on him only to kill him off a few episodes later. I know how many episodes he appears in this season but that doesn’t mean that he is alive.

Is Travis or Madison gonna be the new “Rick Grimes”? Will we even get to a point this season where they have to question their morals? or will Nick end up the alpha dog?

Tobias is one smart little dude. I would run with him.

Is Alicia’s boyfriend already a zombie? He didn’t answer her text and stood her up?

I enjoyed the first episode. We all knew going in that the Zombie Apocalypse was going to start slow. I was actually surprised that they even showed a zombie. I do wish they’d start at patient zero, which they’ll probably never do. I’d like to see this from the get go.

I’d also like to see this from a Police / Militarily point of view. See the outbreak from their perspective. Sure Rick is a cop, but started well into the apocalypse.

I thought the Junkie was the best actor so far. The step dad is nuts for going in the abandoned junkie church AT NIGHT. Other than that, I could care less. The mom was alright. And I had no interest in the whiney daughter.

Now that it appears to be a “family” show in zombie world, do they all stick together? What makes TWD so great is no one (other than Rick and Carl, and probably Darryl) is safe. People come and go (the comic more so than the show). Will they follow that tradition?

I really hope we get to see a good portion of the Government/Military side also.

I don’t think they will stick together the whole time. If they do it isn’t going to be a good show. I do however think they that will all live at least to the last episode of the season. Their friends and family are not so lucky.

I think the boyfriend is already munching brains as a zombie. Seems like the epidemic is spreading very quickly.

I wonder if Nick will die this early. Knowing TWD, it’ll be the good daughter that gets bit. Then the family has to deal with her turning.

Yeah I couldn’t believe we even saw a zombie. If they let everything get out of hand too quickly then it just becomes TWD with different characters.

We need to go back to dinosaurs!

was that not her boyfriend that they met in the tunnel? Turned his face into road rash?

I liked it, I liked that they are still at the beginning stage and that we may get some insight into what really started it and more info on how it spread so quickly. And that we will be able to watch society collapse.

No that was Nick’s dealer/friend.

yeah I am hoping to see more of the collapse of society.

Yeah, I just looked and you’re right. I guess he wasn’t memorable enough, I thought it was the same guy.

They all look the same don’t they? :frowning:

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I’m only in the first half hour of the show so far, but I hope those teens get less annoying. Right now, I’m pulling for the Walkers to eat all 3 of them, although the junkie showed signs of getting tolerable.

I was pretty interested and still am. I’d like to see a backstory on how the virus started not just the beginning of the fall of society.
I thought the Calvin zombie was a little lame, when he got shot looked like had ketchup on shirt, and no blood puddle?? I thought they did better on the special effects after he got braked off the truck w/lower jaw missing, broken/disfigured arm.
I wonder what happen to the daughters boyfriend, he never showed up at beach…

Starting to loose interest in this show, unless something that does not show up in every zombie show ever made happens.

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So what did everyone think of this show?

While it was an interesting look at the “start” of the outbreak, I wish it was set earlier. Seems like we went from one zombie to stadiums full of them in 5 minutes.

And where was the TV coverage / internet reports. I know they briefly touched base on this but I think it wasn’t handled right. We’re a 24/7 information society. Between tweets, Facebook, YouTube, 300 news stations on TV I think there would of been more coverage of the initial outbreak. And plenty of talking heads explaining it. The fact that information was so scarce doesn’t really add up.

I don’t understand the National Guard’s role. Were they there to protect the civilians? If so they did a pretty shitty job of it. What was the purpose of all the people locked in cages? At that point they were already aware that bites would turn people. Was it to separate those at “risk” of just dying? (ie. the heroin boy “overdosing” and dying?) so they wouldn’t infect lesser risk people?

Finally, I didn’t like how they let all those zombies loose to get access to the National Guard base. They essentially became murderers at that point, knowing full well the zombies would take the base and possibly the town (their neighbors).

BTW, the show has the coolest Intro / logo. Reminds me of old 70’s horror flicks.

Yeah to me it wasn’t much of the beginning of the outbreak. It went from a few here and there of “sick” people to the whole city coming apart.