Fear The Wolves : Battle Royale FPS Set in Chernobyl

Vostok Games and Focus Home Interactive have announced Fear The Wolves, an upcoming battle royale FPS set in Chernobyl. The setting is familiar to the developers, some of whom worked on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, which were open-world shooters on PC that took place in the same locale.

Players will recognize the goal, which is to be the last person or team standing. Fear The Wolves will feature both squad and solo play. In addition to the classic battle royale mode, the developer has promised that “another intense and original game mode will also bring a fierce new twist to the genre,” although that has not yet been revealed.

In addition to human enemies, players will have to deal with enemy “anomalies” of the radiation-contaminated area, various weather conditions, and a day and night cycle.

Fear The Wolves will be launching into PC early access later this year with a console launch also planned for 2018.


Get out the RAID they are coming out of the wood work.

I will keep my eye on this one. The darker more realistic gun play BR games will be the ones I play.


Yes I agree. Fortnite just won’t cut it for me. Really digging the realistic physics with PUBG

I’m already tense enough in BR.

I don’t need to add creepy atmospheres and irradiated wolves (or whatever the fuck enemy anomalies are going to be).

Might take a look if / when it arrives on PS4.
Before PUBG does maybe.?

Battle Royale style multiplayer is smoking hot right now. Whenever my family or friends ask me what I’m currently playing, they will almost always ask if I’m playing Fortnite. With the style of multiplayer gaming being very popular right now and looking to dominate for some time, it’s only right that other developers put their own twist on the genre and see what they can come up with. Announced earlier this year, Fear of Wolves is another Battle Royal title inspired by the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, and Focus Home Interactive has dropped a new trailer for the game in preparation for this year’s E3 event.

Players will drop into a radioactive wasteland armed with nothing but their wits and fists, and then whatever they can find to survive. The wasteland will be full of deadly mutated wildlife, radiation, unexplained anomalies, and of course, 99 other players also looking to survive and make their way to the extraction helicopter inside the final zone.

As you scour the land for items and weaponry, you’ll be armed with a fire-axe that is silent but deadly, although it obviously won’t match up well against someone with a gun. Weaponry will be scattered everywhere, but you’ll also need to try and obtain goods from air drops, caches, and radioactive areas in order to obtain the best and powerful gear. Watch yourself, however, as the wolves will be picking off players as they explore and try to survive.

The wolves are the first set of mutants that the development team has revealed. The wolves have adapted to the radioactive environment and turned into savage and decaying beasts. When you see wolves on their own, they’re not much to be worried about, but when they’re in packs, these savages will tear you to bits and take you out of the game quickly, or at least force you to use more ammo than you’d like and leave you injured. Clever survivors could use the pack’s aggressiveness to their advantage, however, as the wolves won’t just focus on one person specifically.

The radioactivity in certain areas will begin to get worse, causing reality to break down. These areas will distort and enter flux as they pulse with radiation. Here’s more details on this from the team:

In the early stages, the adrenaline from sprinting will stop you taking damage, but after that only gas masks and hazard suits will keep the poisonous air and deadly rays out. You are never safe, but you can be more protected than your enemies, using this advantage to access areas they can’t, to loot more and flank them.

The ultimate goal of the game will be to extract. With the aim of the game being the same way you came in, players need to be aware that the extraction zone will change from game to game, and the chopper itself only accepts one occupant. Players will need to adapt to each game and the different situations and also become very familiar with the map. Should you manage to kill the other 99 players, you will also be crowned victorious.

Take a look at the E3 trailer for a sample of the survival to come:

Fear the Wolves will be releasing on PC in 2018 with a later release on consoles.


Focus Home Interactive and Vostok Games (made up of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developers) have brought a new trailer for their upcoming battle royale shooter Fear the Wolves in celebration of the game’s release on Steam Early Access next week. The game promises to mix in unique radiation, weather and extraction mechanics to the now familiar formula.

Fear the Wolves is expected on consoles once the game is released in full in 2019.

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