Fellow bikers I need help

First of this is my first motorcycle and I’m
o mechanic. Winterr 16/17 I put on new handlebars on my 83 Honda Shadow VT500C. Spring 17 the bike would bog down while ridingas in max 20ish MPH full throttle and it would randomly go back to normal. I parked it and pulled the carbs off over the summer/fall to clean them out. I also devolped a gas leak which looks to be from when I pulled the petcock apart and put spring in wrong spot. Bike will still not run right. It will not go past 5k RPMs. Please see video and offer any insight you may have.

Few people on Facebook group are saying carbs. :frowning:

Sorry man, I know less about bikes than I do about cars - which was already embarrassingly little.

I would still say carbs and or fuel lines. Worked on boats for a while and they always had same problem after cleaning the carbs. Not clean enough or a stuck/warn float.

Yeah I need to take it to someone who knows what they are doing. I know it’s not the fuel lines as they are so short. Has to be carbs :frowning:

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could be the carb, could be crap in the gas tank. Drain the tank and check for rust. It’s an old bike so that is possible. You can reseal the tank if necessary. Fairly easy process.

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