Final Fantasy XV Counts Down to Release with the Titan

There is just 15 days until Final Fantasy XV is released. To make sure that you don’t miss this fact, we’ll be counting down the days until players can enter the world of Eos.

Throughout your travels, Noctis will need to master both weaponry and magic if they are to succeed in battle. One action that you will be able to perform is to summon a Titan. Hopefully he will use his signature Gaia’s Wrath attack to great effect, destroying the surrounding area and the enemies within, but his actions are dependent on the individual situations and he could just as easily hinder you rather than help.

The latest version of the Titan was first seen at E3 2016 in the Trial of Titan gameplay demo where Noctis had to fight for his life against the gigantic creature. However, the Titan has been present in many of the mainstream and spin-off Final Fantasy titles since Final Fantasy III and many of you will likely have your own memories of the summon.

To get players in the mood for the upcoming game, Square Enix gathered together fans of the franchise and some of the games’ developers, as well as a few surprise guests, to talk about their Final Fantasy memories in a five minute clip titled “New Legacies”.

What are your favourite memories of the Final Fantasy franchise? Are you looking forward to taking on the Titan once more?