Final Fantasy XV “Platinum Demo” Available Now on PS4 and Xbox One

Following the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event, Square Enix made the Platinum Demo available for PS4 and Xbox One.

You can download the PS4 version from the PlayStation Store, and the Xbox One version from the Xbox Store.

The indicated download size is 3.5 gigabytes on PS4 and 4.5 on Xbox One. Below you can read a short blurb explaining what we can expect from the experience:

“PLATINUM DEMO — FINAL FANTASY XV whisks players away to a fragmented dreamscape, introducing an original story with a few unique twists. Join young Noctis and his magical guide as you explore the fantastical world of his dreams

Oh man I want to but it’ll take time away from grinding in the division… Ohhh my sad ways have cursed me.