Finally an update to the map respawn...

but i think its too little too late. with all the fall games coming out… i know i havent touched this in over 3 weeks with MGS and mad max coming out. the reddit is mostly dead… new posts dont even fill up the first page…

there is a Q&A here:

they are also adding a VR training room so you can test things before you purchase them.

and as of today, the holloween stuff has been added.

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yep i think i deleted it
just didn’t have anything to offer after a while

its like battlefield. i can see getting back into it. but need a big update. or if the maps has holloween decorations and shit. plus i hate that my Certs and $$$ is tied to one account.


PS2 is still my primary game, but I’m also a full time art student and don’t have time or money to keep up with every big title that comes out. I just play whatever PS+ offers and wait for specific games like Fallout 4 to drop money on.

I do a lot of faction hopping lately, especially since y’all stopped playing. Sometimes NC just gets beaten on so hard it feels like torture to play. I don’t understand why people congregate at massive lagfests when they could go to literally any other fight and have a much better experience. Who seriously wants to be shot by players who haven’t even rendered when they’re right in front of you?

the pop in issues are ridiculous. I dont experience much lag but driving a vehicle and then running into 4 tanks before they even render is just inexcusable.

Lag only bothers me in very big fights, which I prefer to avoid unless they form around my squad. It’s always fun to break up an armor zerg, but hanging out at The Crown is boring.

yeah, Crown sucks.