Fishing season is upon us!

I’m stoked, are you?

I’m presently using a Baitcaster 11’ surf rod (from the 70’s!) paired with a Penn Spinfisher 7500 long cast reel spooled with 40lb test PowerPro high vis yellow braided line. Mainly use clam or bunker but have a large assortment of Rapala lures.

I’m thinking about upgrading to a 12’ Penn graphite surf rod and buying 50lb test Spiderwire braided line.

I’m interested in hearing about your equipment and tackle so please share away!

No salt here… All fresh after but have had much fun when bite is right…

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FYI… Went out Monday and. Didnt get shit… Not even I bite

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Nice catches. When I was in GL for 11 months I really enjoyed the challenge bass fishing presented. Caught small and large mouth. Also caught a few gar and catfish too.

Since I began fishing off of Long Island I’ve caught plenty of orgies, sea robins, sea bass, bluefish and thrasher shark pups.

I might build a bait launcher in Hope’s of catching much larger sharks.

I’d throw the grizzled vet back in the lake, he’s not a keeper. Bad, tainted meat. @Grex told me all about it.