Five Things We Noticed From Our Hands-On With The Xbox One Version


Nice read…all in all…didnt seem like a bad hands on review. I was surprised though to read about the driving being more sluggish with the controller. If anything i expected that would’ve been improves, especially when airborne and being able to balance the vehicle out.

This is probably the one game I’m looking forward to this fall. Maybe the only MP that I’d play.

Ready for this on xbone. Looks like a lot of fun. Been watching a bunch of people stream the game and it’s surprisingly fun to watch. Hope it’s as much fun to play!

130 hours on PC. I like to play both ways. A lot of times we got to hot spots just for a change of pace between games that we actually try to win. I can’t wait for the xbox version. Really just want that comfort of being able to use a controller and everyone being on the same playing field as far as FPS, draw distance, etc goes.