FiveM Server Info - Chaos Weekend

I have rented a GTA V FiveM server out of curiosity and before I let it go we are going to have a night or two of chaos.

The server is just the map and NPCs. No scripts, missions, apartments, jobs, etc. Each person will have their own trainer(tool to spawn stuff). We will be doing a bunch of crazy shit. Even going to try and crash the server with a large explosion.

Simple Trainer install instructions …

  1. Download this and extract it to a folder of your choice.

  2. Go to your FIVE M root folder. Right click on the FiveM icon and select file location. Open the Five M application data folder. Insider the folder create a new folder and name it plugins

  3. Drag the TrainerV.asi and trainerv.ini files into that new folder named plugins

  4. Open the trainerv.ini with notepad and search for KeyBindingsDisabled=0 Change the 0 to a 1

That is it your are done.

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I updated the instructions. I gave them for GTA V SP not for Five M. Since these files are going in your Five M folder they don’t effect your GTA V folder. So online is fine.