Flu in the house!

What a week boy kiddos got sick that Raven came home sick from work after not feeling to hot since Sunday night. I’m just crossing my fingers that it doesn’t hit me next. Guess it time to break out the Lysol spray and wipes. :mask::mask:

You all need to go in for your yearly dose of Government Mind Control AKA the Flu Shot.

I’m required to get a shot since I work at a hospital and I’ve been flu free pretty much every year. (I know they sometimes miss strands).

I typically get the shot as well, since Mrs Hustler and the kids are all in that germ factory known as our local school. Last year’s sucked, because apparently the strain that hit was one nobody was expecting. Normally I don’t get it too bad though.

I suggest quarantine protocols

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Head cold since Thursday… Finally got on the mend… Boom… Ear infection. Doctor and antibiotics in 2 hours today!

Yeah being at a boarding school I live in a germ factory so the shot is a must.

I quit gaining the flu shot after I ended up getting one and I got sick worse than I usually do so, I stopped getting the flu shot.

Nope, no flu shots for me. Never had one. Have a kid who goes to public school, not worried about it. I rarely get sick, so I typically don’t go out of my way for these things.

And mind control

The mind control is great. Free thought is for the birds.

My wife doesn’t get one either and she survives the daycare with 90 kids running around. I have no idea how she does it.