FNG here

Sup y’all, my name is Trevor, but I go by baysicK! because there’s a long running joke with my friends that my spirit animal is indeed a basic white girl. Been gaming for a long time, played competitive CS 1.6 back in the CAL days and up until csgo, played a decent amount of that as well. After “retiring” from CS I wound up playing on the top team in NA for Ghost Recon Phantoms and getting into some Tier 2 Rainbow Six Siege early on in what would now be considered Challenger League. After leaving the Siege community I got into Destiny 2 and love pushing raids and content in D2. Lately I’ve done some Mythic prog in WoW and casually playing Lost Ark.

Outside of gaming I’m currently a “chef” working towards becoming a Police Officer and looking for a solid group of people to play and drink and chill with.

Looking forward to meeting you all.


Welcome to Grg its good to have another meat shield, the ones I use have started complaining. Hit anyone one up if you wanna game we got plenty of D2 players and of course Cod players. Some of us just swap around several different games that aren’t main stream as well

I’ve been pretty into no build fortnite lately, I haven’t invested in the new CoD yet but I did just pick up the new D2 expantion.

Nice To Meet You Nicolas Cage GIF by Nordisk Film Finland