FNG Jester

I was here a number of years ago but left due to not playing as much but im back and ready to do the shoosting and chill with some people and make new friends… Im in the nasty girls as Army. I was LEO for 4 years but moved to far out of that county. i like to think im pretty chill and can get along with most people. wanna game just hit me up. I play alot of things on pc. I also play dnd and started dabbling in 40K


Welcome back to the hell hole its still full of degenerates so it’s good to have ya. @PCGamers got more meat to use as a shield

welcome back to the community. dont listen to Souless. he is the only degenerate here. only nice, respectable folks in GRG.

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Welcome to back to GRG! Added you to the @PCGamers group.

That’s bullshit and you know it lol where is @Gunny he will learn you real quick

its not letting me into that group


Welcome to GRG !!!