For H2 - Kayak pics

@h2daddy I am pretty much done rigging up the kayak. Still waiting for the transducer swing arm to come in. I ordered it from Hook1 in your neck of the woods and some how it ended up in Texas.

Trailer purchased at Tractor Supply - added tool box, rod tubes, and ruts for kayak to sit on. I added pool noodles on top of ruts to protect bottom from gouges.

Yakattack Panfish/Dogbone Combo will be on this Ram ball for GoPro

Fishfinder and rod holder mounted on stock plate that came with boat. You can make these out of the thick plastic cutting boards. Cut 1" hole in the kayak for FF battery wires to go into the hull and used a West Marine bulkhead.

Battery is in a cheap survivor box. It had a compass on the top. I popped it out and cut a 1" hole for bulkhead. 12volt 8amp/h battery inside from Cabela’s

1" Ram ball for the transducer arm on left hand side of seat

I installed 2 Scotty flush mounts for rod holders. I have rocket launchers in there at the moment

And behind that is a Yakattack BlackPak with rod holders, hawg trough holder, 8" Geartrac with Yakattack Panfish camera pole for GoPro and Scotty Gear Head. The Gear Head will hold a flag pole I am gonna make out of pvc.

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That kayak is awesome. Is it pedal powered?

Yup. Cruising speed is 3 to 4 MPH.

Very nice!

Awesome. You are ahead of me. I I have mine stored in my mother-in-law’s barn. Let me see some pics when you get the transducer mounted. I need to research fish finders and find me one.

I’m a fishing finder/ sonar guy being that Ive worked in the transducer mfg industry for many years. What Lowrance model and transducer you got? The structure scan (side scan) imaging is pretty cool.

Elite 4 HDI unit with 83/200 455/800 transducer. It has Down Scan Imaging, Broadband sounder, and GPS. I had no clue you worked in that industry. I could have been running questions by you.

I would love to have structure scan but it is in the bigger more expensive units. The HDI transducer is big enough. I was gonna mount it in the scupper hole but it was just to big and not protected enough for my liking. I think the structure scan requires 2 transducers doesn’t it?

I guess I never talked that much about my jobs. Worked for Raytheon Marine Electronics (now RayMarine) for 4-5 years doing fishfinder repair. Then worked for Northstar Technologies doing repair and tech support for 5 years, and the past 8 years I’ve been at AIRMAR Technology. I manage accounts, mostly in the Navigation/Survey market, but there are a couple recreation marine customers that I handle, the biggest being Navico parent company to Lowance, Simrad, & B&G. We don’t manufacture displays mind you, we leave that up to the OEM, and of course we wouldn’t want to compete with our customers and such. We are a transducer manufacture. The EOM’s make some of their own transducers but we supply quite a bit to the industry. If you’ve ever owned a boat you have probably heard of the name AIRMAR.

Anyway, the down scan imaging is structure scan that is looking straight down rather than 30° off to each side. That should give you some good imaging with the 455/800 kHz and the 83/200 kHz is for your typical bottom and target detection stuff. Is the HDI transducer bronze w/ a square flange? Send a pic of the install next time you have a chance.

To get the side and down structure scan you only need one transducer in the hull. Two are only required if you have a deep V hull boat.

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@CaptainPeeJ These photos are from when i installed it through the scupper. I didn’t like the wire being exposed as well as the sharp point at the back of the transducer where the transom mount slides on. That is why I ordered a swing arm that will hold it over the side of the boat and it can be moved around or removed all together for travel.

It’s just a big black transducer. No bronze on it.

It’s not an AIRMAR transducer but it should work fine. Let me know how it works out.

Transducer mounted.

In this one if you look close you can see how I can raise it up for travel or I can just take it off.

Swiss army kayak.

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Just added lumbar and head rest to my seat. After I installed it I fell asleep in it for about 30 minutes. I guess if I am not catching fish i will be catching ZZZZZs.

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@h2daddy @Gunny @Wikidpoke @CaptainPeeJ

I finally took it out for fishing…

My buddies were trolling for crappie near me. They scored this monster…


Oh nice. That your GoPro?


Awesome. I would love to mount a GP to mine. Looks like fun.

That Kayak is badass. That bass was nice too.

@D1G1TALC1PHERS You need to get on this guys level.


I can’t stop watching this video. I probably have watched it 10 times or more since yesterday.

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