For Honor Joins The Halloween Festivities

Fighting game, For Honor is another title that is joining in with the Halloween festivities this season. Ubisoft has announced that there is new content available until November 2nd with a distinctly supernatural theme. The event will bring some eerie changes to the whole For Honor experience, from new musical tracks to new Halloween-themed Order descriptions that hold clues to how the event will progress.

“Feast of the Otherworld” features a new mode called Endless March, a 4v4 dominion-inspired game mode where all of the soldiers have been turned into skeletons capable of inflicting more damage than their human counterparts. The battlegrounds will also have reduced visibility with battles being fought at night or in the fog. Killing skeletons and other heroes will net you points towards ultimate victory. Unlike standard dominion mode, holding zones will not continually earn points over time. In this modified version, holding a zone will only yield 200 temporary points so it’s still worth doing.

During the event, there will be new items available including new gear, emotes and masks, and at the end of each match in any mode, there will be post-match loot drops with new ornaments, outfits, idle, and execution effects being available. Additionally, Heroes will be able to don special masks for the first time, which have their own customisation slot. These masks will be available during the first week of the event and will cost 15,000 steel. If you want to purchase them after the event, they will then cost 20,000 steel.

During the second week of the event, a new werewolf emote will become available, with its own special effect. This will be available for all Heroes but will cost 10,000 steel per hero. Clearly, this cost some serious steel, so the recommendation is to participate in the Community Order and then focus Daily Orders as they will reward the most steel.

For Honor and the new content is available now on the Xbox One.