For The King patch 5/31/19

From the Discord:

Colby Today at 2:12 PM
Hi @everyone,

To all of our new console players, first of all: Welcome! Thank you for joining our Discord community!

A new FTK patch went out a few days ago for all 3 consoles. It should improve performance and stability but there are still a few reports trickling in that the game is crashing. We are trying to get to the bottom of the issues but it is extremely difficult to track down the problems without some specific feedback.

Given that we don’t have the luxury of an in-game bug report like we have on PC, it makes it hard to pinpoint problems. If you are still experiencing issues after the patch, we are looking to get more detailed information from you, if you are interested in providing us some details we are asking to please email us at

The type of information we are looking for is:

-After the patch, are you playing an old save started before the patch or a new game?

-What adventure are you typically playing?

-What type of console do you have? PS4 or PS4 Pro? XBOX One, XBOX One S, XBOX One X?

-If you are experiencing stability issues with the player inventory, what items are in your inventory or are equipped? Does this happen early game or late game?

-Do you notice any specific patterns that cause stability issues?

-If you experienced your Lore Store progress getting wiped, what adventure did you play, or when did you notice it happen?

For any in-game specifics, a quick screenshot or photo with your phone is good enough.

Any help is much appreciated! Even if we don’t have the bandwidth to get back to you personally: please know your email is of great help. Our apologies for any frustration the console builds have caused, we have been disappointed with the console product but we are working diligently to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

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