For Those Wondering What Full Power Does

Black Ops Cold War’s new Outbreak Zombies mode introduces a new power-up to players, called “Full Power” here’s what it does and how to best use it.

With the brand new Zombies Outbreak mode and event added to Black Ops Cold War, we now have some new additions to the Call of Duty Zombies mode in the form of side quests and new power-ups.

Joining the likes of Insta-Kill, Max Ammo, Double Points, Nuke, Carpenter, Death Machine, and Fire Sale, comes the new “Full Power” power-up. It’s sure to assist you and your team in any combat scenario and is great for boss fights.

What are Zombies Power-Ups?

For any new players that have joined the franchise since the free access weekend, power-ups in Zombies are unique bonuses Zombies drop on occasion when killed by players. These power-ups all randomly drop and can give players bonuses like instant kills, double points, or even maximum ammunition.

The power-ups are quite strong and lucrative, so it’s best to pick them up as soon as you spot a Zombie drop one. Many of these only last 30 seconds, so be quick with your kills and purchases.

What does Full Power do?

Simply put, Full Power replenishes your special ability and all of your lethal & tactical equipment immediately. This is exceptionally useful when in a large fight against the undead, or when preparing to get into another fight.

Some special abilities are capable of storing two charges at once, so for the players on your team that have that ability, this will be even more useful. You’ll often find this power-up dropped by Boss Zombies or as drop rewards for doing objectives or side quests in Outbreak.