Forsaken drops tomorrow!

Looks like a maintenance window of 7a-10a PST prior to launch - so basically, should be up for regular reset time of 10a PST.

I plan to be on for a good chunk of the day, on PS4. Feel free to friend req and join on me, or invite me if you’re on, and we can start tearing through the new content at a rapid pace so in two days, we all can start complaining about a lack of new content again. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will be on all day so I’ll look for you.

@destinyplayers @PlayStationPlayers

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I intend to be on tomorrow, but won’t be online before 15:00 Eastern at the earliest.

Probably something like 16:00-19:00 Eastern.


Still trying to play catch up!


for you ppl that have not purchased…

  1. Legendary Collection…($60)for those without some part of yr1 (Osiris or warmind) excludes yr2 dlc
  2. Forsaken Complete collection…($100)same as 1 but includes some cosmetics and the yr2 season pass (DLC)
  3. Digital Deluxe Edition…($80) if you own all of yr 1 gets you everything and you want some extra cosmetic items
  4. Base Edition + Annual pass…($70) same as above no cosmetic items
  5. Base Game…($40) same as 4 no season pass

Just to be completely clear (only because I know some of you are just utter taters).

Base game / base edition refers to the Forsaken DLC, not the actual Destiny 2 base game…