Fortnite Being Blamed By School for Tired Kids

I thought it was going to be more of an issue when Fortnite hit mobile.
Now the kids can play all day AT school too.

Had that article been written in the 90s, it would have been blaming girls for making boys tired at school.


That article is beautiful, because it highlights a huge problem, and has absolutely no idea that it has done so.

Pacheco said it comes at a bad time because students are supposed to be taking state standardization tests.

“My teachers are held accountable based on these test scores. So, we had to do something,” Pacheco said.

That’s right…it has nothing to do with making sure that students are ready to learn new concepts, or challenge themselves. It’s all about that stupid fucking number that standardized tests have reduced students to.


Oh, and don’t take that as a rant against what teachers are doing. They have no choice. That shit comes down from administration and the State and National board of ed. Most teachers would much rather actually teach than just try to create test taking robots.


Yep, just like my daughter’s school being concerned that my daughter was making friends with people online instead of the in school issue we were having a meeting about. Schools don’t care about the kids at all, just hier numbers and anything they can blame offsite.


I am going to go with weak ass parents who don’t give a shit. Adding the fact that this school on avg for the past three years has an on track attendance of only 60%. Also a performance summary of just 13% which has been slowly declining over the past three years. Blaming a video game is just an excuse as they obviously have much bigger problems.

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