Fortnite's Latest Dev Update Talks Voice Chat, Weapons, Consumables and More

Earlier this month, Epic Games held their first ever developer update focused on the Battle Royale mode. Together both Zack Estep and Eric Williamson answered the top questions surrounding the free to play mode. Well, they’re back and this time around they’re answering new questions and providing updates for the Fortnite community.

If you’ve played Fortnite or the Battle Royale mode, you’ve most likely had a blast creating forts and killing hordes of enemies. However, not everything is perfectly smooth. Not to fear — Zack and Eric sit down and answer some top community questions in their second Battle Royale Dev Update. The discussion touches on weapons, consumables, voice chat and more. Check out the trailer below.

The purchasable early access version of the game is available now. Fortnite is slated to launch completely free to play sometime next year. If you’re interested in test driving the title, the Battle Royale mode is currently free for all to enjoy.

I played this game for a few hrs last night. Its pretty fun and the price is right. I could see me putting a little time into this .