Forum Feature Update

Havent put up a post like this in awhile even though there have been plenty updates. Last one was pretty significant that is changed a good amount of the way the UI was setup borking the themes. So i needed to remove the current ones that no longer worked including our default theme.

So there is a new default theme (graceful) when you log into the site. You can choose other themes for your view. Although they all look fairly similar right now I will be adding more and tweaking them. You can select select them from the Hamburger Menu on the top right. Or you can choose from the interface section in your profile.

Also to help find other GRG members that play similar games check out Users - Grim Reaper Gamers Forums

You can sort by group and see gamertags of the members that play that game. If you want to join a group browse through the list here and you will be notified each time another member mentions the group.

Groups - Grim Reaper Gamers Forums


I love this update

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Looks great @Grex!

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This update is fantastic. You need a raise.

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Ya im pretty happy with this new layout

This is great !

This new layout is great on mobile too