Free ESO Mount - Clouded Senche-Leopard mount

Get a free mount! PC gamers need to watch a Twitch stream with their linked Twitch account. Console gamers have it even easier, just kill a monster on June 10th from 8:00PM BST and 4:00AM BST.


#BE3 Showcase

Watch the #BE3 showcase and ESO presentation from the comfort of your own home, and you can earn the Clouded Senche-Leopard mount and five Ouroboros Crown Crates , simply for tuning in!

When: Monday, June 10, at 1:30AM BST

Where: Twitch

During the show, Game Director Matt Firor will take the stage and talk about the just-released Elsweyr Chapter, the ongoing Season of the Dragon, and the exciting adventures still-to-come in 2019.

Be sure to tune in to see the continuation of the Season of the Dragon adventure, but you can get a quick sneak preview of what is to come here:

Don’t miss it!

To earn your rewards for PC/Mac, simply watch the stream while logged in to your linked Twitch account. Reward delivery starts the morning of June 10, and continues for several hours after that.

If you are on console, you can earn your rewards by logging into the game on Sunday, June 9, between 8:00PM BST and 4:00AM BST (Monday, June 10) and killing a single monster . You will receive your rewards by June 19.


Someone please translate BMT into grg standard time.

I’m going to talk to Zenimax and explain to them that EST is the only acceptable time.

Also, I only ride horse in game. It’s a weird thing I have. The cats are cool but I feel a bit too small to carry a person. It’s stupid but whatever. And most of my characters ride the Nightmare Courser.

But I’ll absolutely collect them and I’ll get this one. The same with the silly non-combat pets. I love collecting them but strictly only use the dwarven spider.