Not if sure we need a Mumble / TS chat room, definitively don’t feel like paying for one. While I know there’s Raidcall, I found a new option that looks pretty slick. Plus it’s completely free.

It’s called Discord. You can run it in a browser, mobile, or download the desktop app (desktop app has Push to Talk). I made a quick room for GRG.

I know we’re mostly console and won’t have any need for this. Just thought it was pretty cool and figured I’d pass it along. Let me know what you think

There’s also Curse and D3 you can checkout.

My kid is testing this one right now with his friends. They use Teamspeak but might switch over.

Might be useful on PS4 side with only 8 people allowed in party and game chat sounding like everyone talking into a tin can underwater.

My kids were trying it out and it works pretty well. Sounds very good and they really liked the interface. We used to have a mumble server with our old host but I’m not paying for that shit. Figured this would be a good solution if you ass clowns ever went PC Master Race.

If you Computer nerds build me a decent one (for free cuz you love me lolz) I will play whatever you want!

Just started using this. A very nice and clean user interface.

New feature.

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I saw that too. Haven’t tried it yet. I will typically just have the app open on my second monitor while I’m gaming. :slight_smile:

Discord also has a mobile app which is very nice. I’m really liking Discord. It tells you what people are playing while they are playing. Very cool VOIP for party chat.

I’ve used the mobile app. Works very well.

Do I have the ability to create voice channels within the Grim reaper Gamers server? I thought it would be cool to create game specific channels, i.e. The Division.

@CaptainPeeJ I’ll set you up the next time I’m on my pc.

Awesome. Thank you.

You’re all set.

You da man. Thanks.

For anyone looking to join the GRG server, link is below. The invite link should not expire.