Fresh new old guy -- is that even a thing?

Hi everyone, I’m Judd.

I’ve been playing games since I was 4 or 5 on my Oddysey console. Now I’m mostly on my Xbox (RivalJJH), but I have a PS4 (juddley) for the exclusives I like to play on it from time to time.

My favorite things to do is continue hate-playing stupid games like CoD WWII and finding new and exciting ways to throw a frag grenade at myself in PUBG. Overwatch is one I like playing too.

While I’ve found a couple of cool older gamers in the wild, I continue running into 12-year-olds that have boned my mom. I’m not sure what to think about that last part, but my mom says the relationships are purely platonic. And she wouldn’t lie, right?

Anyway… it’s good to meet all of you and I hope to see you online soon.


Welcome…both of those games have some legs in the community, we are happy to have you on board. I will add you to my FL on xbx when I get home

Johnny, Rabb, and I all vote to ban this dude.

Glad you signed up man.

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Weclome to GRG! I added you to my friends list, added you to our XBox club and put you in the @codplayers Group.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

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Damn! There’s a blast from the past!

Welcome to our own little asylum Judd!

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Welcome Judd!

I’ve added you on PSN (Olz_3) and XBL (Olz 2).
I’m mostly on my PS4, so I might see you on one of those exclusives, or just in the forums for now.

Weeelll. People here are definitely older on average and usually more creative with their insults.
No promises though.

Check the forums regularly for our events and LFG posts!

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You say 12 year olds have boned your mom.

Is it ok if they give your moms number to me?


Welcome to the geriatric ward.

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Welcome to GRG
GT beers and leafs

Welcome to GRG !

Welcome man!

fresh new old guy - a Brazilian wax and an anal bleaching?

Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?

Don’t judge me you asshole.

This all makes me think of my uncle that was arrested for necrophilia while he worked at a mortuary. He swore to us the relationship was platonic.

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