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Hey all,

As you may have guessed my name is Brad; my username isn’t really that incognito. I spend my days working full time as an IT Solution Engineer here in Wales, UK. When I’m not working I’m usually shooting the breeze with some of my buddies on a game.

I play a lot of PS4, PC and the 3DS (I seen someone else admit it, so thanks for paving the way, man). On the PS4 I usually play BO3, Madden and more so recently Overwatch. I’m so hyped for Overwatch right now though, it’s unreal. On the PC I had a long time subscription on World Of Warcraft (due to lack of content i’ve unsubscribed, but I’ll be back to the darkside when the Legion expat drops). I casually play Hearthstone and CS:GO.

I’m ready to sink my teeth into Overwatch more than anything. I usually come to the conclusion after a match that I should be playing the game with a lot more people. My buddy suggested we find a forum, so I’m thankful for stumbling across you bunch of headers.

I can speak NFL, wrestling, games, gadgets and God knows what else… I tend to go on. Can’t wait to hang out guys.

See you in game.

My PSN is: BradWillz
My Steam is: BradKaneWills
My battle net ID is: BradWillzz#2606


Welcome to the community! You will find out that @anon42851937 is also a fan of sinking his teeth into things lol. PSN: DaKlown4Life

Edit: I can’t seem to find that name on PSN, is there any trick to it

Welcome aboard

Welcome to GRG

Welcome to the community.

I have been playing a lot of PC lately as well but it’s been on Diablo 3 and Black Desert Online.

GT: Grex
Battlenet: grex#1335

Hey man, I’ll have to keep an eye on him. Haha.

It was me being half asleep this morning, my bad - I just updated it. Only one ‘z’ on the end. I’ll add you shortly.

Thanks for the welcome guys. Updated my PSN name due to idiocy :sweat_smile:

Add catuet on PSN and dravn83 on Xbox

Welcome to this side of crazy. Be careful…some guys you can’t trust here if you happen to be bent over.

Some…try all.

Damn Grex, it was only once. Let it go already.

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Welcome to the community!

PSN: AlphaMack
B.Net: lukimazit#1452

Welcome to the community!!

PSN: Audible__Silence