Friday Night 1st April

Any folks gonna be online ?

Need to get some leveling up done in the DZ,
Wife is away so gotta make the most of it,
got quite a good set up just need to hit some named bosses .
just to dodgy doing it with randoms , its ok for challenges just not dz

I’d be game for some DZ fun late Fri. night…

We should try to get 4 fire teams on the same server if they haven’t fixed the glitch yet. El Gr8one has done it and I think Kraig has too. I will be on either way. So far I have hit level 29 4 times and lost it due to rogues. Funny thing is I don’t have anything worth stealing. Just costs me the rank.

sounds a good plan !!!
use slack to check who is about.
i am a few hours ahead as im UK based , but dont mind a late one

I’m not sure how that would work in the DZ.

Right, probably just the daily then.

Stu, PS4 or Xbox?

xbox mate !!

yeah i might be able to rally up for this. if none the less i will join said random chat party to see whats up.