Friday Night Drunken Gaming! 1/27

I’ll be on Battlefield 1 drinking and killing scrubs. Most likely start around 9 PM Embiid Standard Time (maybe a bit earlier). Looking to squad up with GRG. @BattlefieldPlayers .

Anyone else firing up a room?

I’ll either be on the division grinding some dz preparing for 1.6 or I’ll be flying some elite dangerous if anyone wants to join me

I forgot about Drinking and Flying delivering Space Fleshlights In Elite Dangerous. @ED_Players

You’d just fly into the sun

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I might be on for some bf1. Still out from work trying to shake this typhoid sickness the gf gave me.

Son and I are going to see Resident Evil, but I’ll be double xping on COD afterwards. …probably 10 EST.

I will be on BF1 about 8 east. I would like to get in some COD this week-end though. Wife is gone all day tomorrow so I will be looking for something to do.

I’ll be on Cod at some point tonight Zombies and MP.

Well, we had a few squads going. Sadly we just couldn’t get shit going. Hard to overcome Team Tard.

Yup it was a brutal night. I couldn’t shoot shit.

I couldn’t just get shit situated. We should of had our 2 squads just focus on 2 objectives. Sadly the rest of our team couldn’t even hold one.