Funny RB6 Seige Beta Review

I love this guy! he is fucking hilarious!


Pretty much described what I saw on the Xbox side except for Multiplayer mode , which I never could play no matter how many times I tried to enter , Shame about this game , it had a lot of potential .

Lets see how Ubi can fuck up The Division

Ever wonder why Ubisoft’s games always show up for free in the console store about a 10 months later after release . Their games have a very short shelf life , Never seen a Call of Duty game show up for free and only one Halo game but lots of Ubisoft games .

They need to cut down releasing sooo many games every year. Alternate AC to every other year, same with Clancy and far cry, make quality shit!

that was pretty funny.

I was pretty sure this game was doomed from the beginning. no Campaign? and yeah they wanna make it tactical but unfortunately, no matter how a dev WANTS the game to work, the general population won’t play it that way.

hey division beta in December… so dont have to wait too long to find out.

still calling it, The Taken Division… or soemthing along those lines.

He’s just being a dick to be a dick.

I played the Beta until it ended and unlocked all of the operators.

Yes, there were a few issues - mainly the loading times - but it’s a fucking beta.

And every MP game has dicks and idiots that fuck around or don’t know what they’re doing, what makes this one so special?

I enjoyed playing this and still say it would make a great Community night game to fuck each other up.

And who cares about the campaign? Titanfall didn’t have one and everyone jumped on that sinking ship.

I’ll still be getting it, and I’m sure I won’t be playing alone.

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We he points pretty much whats worng with teh game. Playing with randoms makes it not very fun. A full squad of GRG and its a fun game.

And yeah the Shield is way OP.

Mostly…I played with @GrayBush most of the time and sometimes the randoms were a pain in the ass, but then we had fun for a bit just killing them. But, we had other matches where the randoms were helpful. I think every game has the same mix. The thing that made this seem so much worse was the fact of waiting forever to get into a match, and then finding out the team is full of dicks.

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and @Disneynut68 . We let him go in first! :+1: :joy:

I remember us pushing him in first . :laughing:

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I said mostly. Like every night.