Gambit: feedback

Got to play 5-6 games of Gambit during the preview and really liked it. I think it’s a great new mix of PVE and PVP. I do wonder if it might be something that is just dominated by sweaty teams and kind of ruin it for the casual player but I definitely enjoyed it.
Anyone else? Bueller?


I played about 12 games of this…I think this mode is the real deal, as in the most refreshingly new and awesome thing bungie has done since Destiny itself. Any other @destinyplayers ?

I enjoyed it, but it will only be a mode I play if I have a full fireteam. Playing with random spurs you at a major disadvantage

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Just little things like who’s going to go through the Portal or whether anyone else can lend a hand clearing blockers is basically impossible to communicate without voice chat.

I’m interested to see what the rewards are like and whether it ends up being closer to Trials than Crucible (in terms of which players compete / sweatiness).
If I get kerb-stomped every match that will cut my enthusiasm…

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Unfortunately I only played a couple of games of this and then I got off because has @AsnPersuasion27 said no cummication it makes things a tad difficult

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Couple of matches I played, one of them my entire team left…after we had won the first round. Yeah, I’m not playing this mode without a full fireteam. I mean its a fun game mode but, having people to plan everything with is a must.

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Solz and I played a couple rounds yesterday. I enjoyed it. Obviously there’s folks coming up with strategies already, I think largely to do with when to bank motes and when not to… I did see later matches where the other team banked a whole mess of motes late and all at once.

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I enjoyed it a lot. Fresh content is always good in my opinion. Strategy plays alot into it and there were a few I utilized… you can choose to throw small blockers or bank for bigger but dont get ganked by an invader or you just wasted alot of time and effort.

Sleeper was a beast at both killing the boss and when invading.

All in all I liked it so let’s group up!

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Yeah, the enemy team pulled that in my match and it fucking wrecked us.

We’re aware of unbalanced teams caused by players leaving matches in the Gambit Preview playlist.

On 9/4, when Forsaken launches, join-in-progress will be enabled on the Gambit playlist. Additionally, if a player leaves a match they’ll get hit with quitter penalties.#Gambit

— Robbie Stevens (@mursamune) September 2, 2018

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The only downside I can see, is that there is an implication that you’ll never get a replacement team-member if someone does quit, because the game will be holding their slot for them.